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Ty Ford 
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How did the “Chakra Soundscape” CD come into being? The complete story is told in an interview with noted energy worker and author Anton Baraschi.

These CDs are based on my first “Chakra Soundscapes” and “Ascension” CDs. Please scroll down to learn more about them and the remarkable story of how all of this came to be.

Reverend Martha Worsley had been using both “Chakra Soundscapes” and “Ascension”. At some point she asked me for fine tuned variations to achieve specific results. “Number One” was first. Reverend Worsley’s anecdotal research confirmed my own that the sounds on this CD concentrate on the lower abdomen in a positive way.

Reverend Worsley asked again and “Number Three” was the result. It has proven effective in relieving pain in the stomach and midsection. Next came F#, a CD that moves around that time-honored frequency of many spiritual cultures and results in mental clarity.

“Pillow” is a musical composition I created for my lovely wife, Bette, who asked for music to help her go to sleep. She uses it every night.

Relax and listen. Good headphones can help if there’s a distracting amount of noise nearby. Don’t listen to them while driving or operating any system that requires your full attention.

Here are the two CDs that started my journey into discovering the healing power of sound.

Chakra Soundscapes, contains eight Soundscapes, each of which are eight minutes long. Play this CD to create a comforting background for your daily life, during noisy airplane or train travel or as a complement to Reiki, yoga, meditation, acupressure, acupuncture, zero balancing, chiropractic or other body-mind therapies. The CD begins with the first chakra at the base of the spine and travels up the spine to the crown chakra in seven distinct steps. A short voice message at the beginning of each track lets you know where you are. The eighth track combines all seven chakra soundscapes. Samples of the first chakra and the universal 8th track are below on this page.

Ascension is an evolution of my first CD, Chakra Soundscapes. Ascension runs 47 minutes. Instead of seven main soundscapes, one for each chakra, Ascension rises subtly 42 times, working its way through the chakras and in between them until it reaches the crown chakra. The final track on the CD combines all seven main chakras soundscapes. There are no voice announcements. I was specifically led in this direction in an effort to help people coming to me with back problems and to reach and remove blockages that occur in between the seven main chakras. I am told by users that listening with headphones provides more powerful results  than listening with speakers.

Chakra Soundscapes User Comments

The CD is fantastic!!!. It is tastefully and artfully mastered. I compared it to all the others that claim chakra stimulation and have come to the conclusion that musical melodies of other CDs, even though concentrating on a basic tonal qualities, may not be as efficient as your "pure" intervals. I love the last "entree".


At my meditation group I used chakra soundscapes for the 1st time and one of my faithfulls went into Deep Meditation. After I closed, saying something, "now gently come back into the room and when you're ready take a deep breath and gently open your eyes." Well, we waited and waited for seemed like 5 minutes, but maybe just 2-3, I finally called her by name. She was blown away. And she's a daily meditator!


I've given the name out and have the CD case on my coffee table. Tonight I played the same mix, basically our hour was your sound...and it was wonderful.  I seem to be inspired by the sounds. I am feeling more and more aligned and have had no discomfort in my back since listening daily to your CD. 


I would recommend this to anyone, in any walk of life, to use to open and balance their energy system. Thanks for sharing this with me.  Hugs


-- I first listened while standing. First I felt a shoulder muscle relax, then my body muscles, which let my spine move back into alignment. Later, while listening to the combined 8th track, I “saw” a black obsidian block six inches below my feet, a spiraled kaleidoscopic column of colored light running up my spine through the top of my head and a block of white light six inches above my head.

Ascension User Comments

“Ascension” is the perfect audio-stimulation for any guided visualization or hipnotherapeutic session, the sounds by themselves bring the body into its harmonious state, as if it is rooted... words then can direct the subconscious mind on a journey in a dream-like state.

I found your CD “Ascension” working wonderfully for deep relaxation, it is very subtle and very powerful!! Thank you!!  I have been testing it for a week on new and old clients, and it works great with all of them. Thank you for creating those sounds, and best of luck in spreading it!!

Petra Widmer

Islas Baleares


I got your CD one week ago at 11:15 and played it during my normal weekly noon meditation gathering.  I've been leading meditations for 25 years and I found myself pausing and getting lost in the vibrations.  

I was deeply moved. It is so very powerful!  The whole group was blown away from the awesome sounds and vibrations.  

I've used the CD in all the classes I taught this week and for an angel walk. Truly a blessed gift you've given to the world. Please keep creating.  

Physically my back is better, I feel more alert, I go deeper in meditation, and I am deeply appreciative of this healing you've given us. Looking forward to new CDs from the incredible healer you are!

Rev. Martha Worsley

E-Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 7 7/2009 Copyright © 2009 Anton Baraschi


Ty Ford (see biographical note at the end of this article) threaded the path of independent discovery. His story is that of serendipity and synergy. Recently Ty produced a Chakra Soundscape CD with very promising results. We follow his description of his discovery with the edge of the seat feeling one gets from a joy ride. Ty is direct, sincere and I hope you will enjoy his story the same way I do. Ty's work is grass roots, affordable and genuine. I asked him to describe his journey to ER readers.



Chakra Sounsdcapes - A Story of Discovery: With Ty Ford

ER. Ty, what led you to having an interest in Energy work?

TF. In 2004, I began recording internationally known healer and lecturer Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere at the Tai Sophia Institute, south of Columbia, MD. She comes to Baltimore about three times a year to conduct workshops at Tai Sophia and also to the Johns Hopkins University Hospital Pediatric Cancer Center. Professional healers come from hundreds of miles to hear her talk. My job was simply to record her so that her spoken words could be distributed. These workshops centered around the seven main chakras of the human body, with an incredible breadth and depth of information both directly connected to as well as tangential to the system of chakras.

Over the course of three or four years, I continued to absorb the information. As an electrical engineer, a lot of it made perfect sense to me. Some of it I did not yet understand. Some I still don‘t. In mid 2008, I began to get gently but firmly pushed toward the field. My research has been fascinating and has led me down several unexpected paths. I am currently finishing a course in chakra balancing taught by Arlyn Kline at Tai Sophia and hope to be interning by this Fall, 2009. Arlyn is one of Rev. Bruyere‘s first students.

ER. What led you to produce Chakra soundscape CD's?

TF. I am a musician and a recording engineer. That path led me to the relationship to the seven main chakras. Much has been published about the relationship between sound and the chakras. I have found a connection between the musical scale, A though G, the visible light spectrum and the seven main chakras. My soundscapes are not music, but sound created with specific therapeutic intent.

ER. What was your point of departure?

TF. I began my work by researching the frequencies for the colors of visible light. These are the colors traditionally assigned to the chakras many years ago. I found that the center of red is about 435 TerraHertz. The center of violet is about 750 TerraHertz. What struck me first was that the visible light spectrum was basically an octave in TerraHertz. How convenient. How natural. As a musician, I then realized that 435 is just below 440. If I decimated the TerraHertz to Hertz I‘d have 440 Hertz; the standard recognized internationally for A. 440 TerraHertz is still in the red spectrum, just a bit higher in frequency. This conversion process resembles transposing keys in music.

The first problem was that much of the research I had seen presumed that the first chakra was represented by the key of C, not A. Why begin the chakras at C, not A? I think the answer is that the key of C is the first one anyone who learns to play piano is guided to. All white keys; very simple. Then there‘s the fact that middle C is prominent because it sits between the bass and treble clefs. The fact that it is middle C made me question how it could be associated with anything but the middle of the body. It‘s frequency of 261.625 Hertz; no where near 435 or 440 Hertz.

The key of C may be convenient or comfortable for musicians, but chakras are not about music, they are about vibrations and frequencies. I thought that if those frequencies are to relate in any way to the colors chosen for the chakras - and these colors have been seen by many practitioners for years - then the first chakra is red and must be in A and the seventh chakra must be in G.

I created a soundscape of all A notes across six octaves with six different tone generators; all harmonics and sub-harmonics of 440 Hertz. That‘s a span of notes almost as wide as a grand piano. I also used a large drum with a very low frequency. During my first private test, Sharon Sirkis, who teaches at Tai Sophia, remarked that, since she was part of a drum circle, she found the drum distracting. A short time later, during one of my chakra balancing classes, Arlyn Kline used a music CD during a part of our practicum. It had a melody. I found myself unable to concentrate properly because I was distracted by the melody. Those two events caused me to create the soundscapes without the distractions of rhythm or melody.

ER. What were the first public reactions?

TF. I completed the first track with all A notes. I contacted a friend who hosts an alternative book club here in Baltimore and asked her if she would play the cut during one of their meetings, without telling the group where or if they might feel anything. She agreed and returned with good information. Of the 15 people there, 3 felt nothing. The other 12 felt sensations in their lower abdomens.

My clairvoyant friend commented that she wanted the vibration to rise within her and make her heart sing. That would be the fourth chakra; the key of D, by my new calculations. I made a track in D and sent it to her. She reported that, indeed, it made her heart sing. I created the rest of the tracks and at the end began to wonder what all seven would sound like when played together. Would it be cacophonous? Horrible? Quite the contrary, it sounds very cosmic and full of life. Partial melodies seem to appear and disappear.

ER. What other feedback did you get?

TF. Further anecdotal testing has provided more and more reinforcement for the idea that the chakras start in A, not C. Specific comments about my soundscapes have surprised and delighted me. I get reports that people use them to go to sleep as well as to stimulate themselves when they are awake. A friend who is a psychologist in San Francisco confessed that she had become really bonded to the CD as it helped her during meditation. In her case, she usually meditates with music turned up a bit on a very good sound system. She mentioned that she feels more power from the soundscapes that way.

Some reports are quite remarkable. At a recent meeting of sensitive‘s at Rita Hyman‘s house here in Baltimore, after hearing parts of three tracks, one man saw that I had been a healer in Egypt in a past life and had used sound as part of my treatment. His description of my healing chamber was quite precise and exotic. I was taken aback by his degree of detail. At that meeting, forty people were affected in many personal and individual ways. The energy seems to go where it's needed and do what it needs to do. Just this evening before class, one of my classmates to whom I had lent a copy of the CD said that after listening to the CD, she felt more normal than she had felt in years. Due to her physical problems, she has not had proper feeling in her legs and feet. She said she walked for two hours and really felt her legs and feet for the first time in a long time. She was amazed. I was as well.

My classmates have told me on different occasions that the energy in my hands is very strong. "You don't know your own strength.”, said one. I'm presuming that this has something to do with my intent. The same intent I used when playing the keyboard to create the soundscapes on the CD. I am extremely honored that Arlyn Kline has used my A and D tracks, for red and blue energy respectively, in class.

ER. There some other sound programs that are perhaps related, like Hemi-Sync, Holosync and perhaps the CD by Valerie Hunt. How do you distinguish your work from theirs?

TF. Hemi-Sync seems not to address the chakras directly. It seems to be more focused on right/left brain balance. We have a protocol for brain balancing in the class taught by Arlyn Kline that is very effective. It is accomplished by intent and technique and does not require sound. My soundscapes are a more holistic approach and don't require headphones. The sounds were created with a full range of frequencies. Sometimes people listen only on laptop speakers at first. When they finally get around to playing the CD on a big system, I sometimes get an email from them saying they really notice the difference.

Holosync also seems to require headphones and appears to be similar to Hemi-sync. My soundscapes are not about creating new neural pathways. The body does that on its own. My soundscapes are about clearing blockages to regain flow. Then there's being properly grounded. Almost every person I can recall who has shared with me their listening experiences has mentioned that they feel more grounded while and after listening to my soundscapes. Being grounded is extremely important and must happen before any healing can occur, or it just won't work.

I only know of Dr. Hunt’s recordings of chakras from some years back. The ones that are no longer available. I have not met Dr. Hunt yet, but because of Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere, I have nothing but the greatest respect for Dr. Hunt. These breakthrough recordings were sounds of individual chakras recorded in a lab. When the text explaining what frequencies were recorded was shown to me, as a musician and recording engineer, I had immediate conflicts. The sounds on the tape were not the frequencies described. I don't know why. While I'm sure the recordings are valid, they were only valid for the moments in time in which they were recorded. Chakras can change in an instant. Was the person who was measured in a good frame of mind? Were their chakras open? How open? Where there any issues within the tissue between the chakras? My soundscapes are not sounds of chakras. They are sounds that stimulate and refresh chakras.

ER. Thank you Ty. Do you have a word of wisdom for the Energy Rejuvenation readers?

TF. I‘m honored to be asked, Anton. Something Arlyn Kline said in class a few weeks back seems relevant. It was about holding the tension of the paradox until the answer arrives. Not just until you‘re tired of the tension, but until the answer arrives. That may well require a lifetime commitment. It‘s really all about energy. Holding the tension requires energy. Our bodies are miraculous creators of energy. We get energy from many places, including the earth, our food and our friends, pets and other animate and relatively inanimate objects. That‘s all on this side of the equation, and it‘s a drop in the ocean compared to the energy on the other side of what we call our daily consciousness.

Consciousness is useful, but its matrix stands in the way of our connection to the universe. If my intent is correct, the more I carefully poke a hole in my daily consciousness, the more energy I get from the universe on the other side. If you‘re serious about rejuvenation, you need to tap into the universe and be as efficient as possible. Physical, emotional or spiritual blockages cause resistance which reduces efficiency and lowers performance. These blockages also cause infirmity and disease. Chakra balancing seeks to remove blockages and restore efficient energy flow. My soundscapes seem to help with the removal of blockages and increasing flow.

Everyone is on a different spot on the spectrum. There are some truly high-performance individuals and some who are so blocked they can barely get out of bed every day. If you‘re already balanced and are open, then rejuvenation is a distinct possibility. If you‘re running at a deficit, your net gain may restore you to being balanced. If your blockages are chronic, my soundscapes will probably offer only temporary relief. For the results to become longer lasting, you may need to make changes in your physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual life. Those who can truly step outside of themselves, thereby creating, you guessed it, a paradox, will have a better chance of making those changes that will lead to their rejuvenation.


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